The first protection program for Android NoRoot Firewall is the best anti virus and protection for your device as the NoRoot Firewall program has many features that make it the first in the field of protecting mobile phones and Android

One of the most important features of NoRoot Firewall

– With an easy user interface, you can control it easily and easily. NoRoot Firewall does not need any special skills to work with
– The device is considered the first protection for your device where you receive a message of permission or rejection when any application requests access to your device and that you can allow this if you are assured of the application and a good definition or if you are not sure of the degree of security of the application then of course you can refuse to enter the application to your device whether it is mobile or Android
– NoRoot Firewall enables you to block some sites or some IP from accessing your device if you wish
NoRoot Firewall protects your personal information from appearing online
– Prevents any hacking from hackers who want to hack your device and control it
– It protects your computer from viruses of all kinds and thus your device will be completely safe with NoRoot Firewall
– NoRoot Firewall program works on all devices that support Android or Android is essential in its operating system

NoRoot Firewall for Android free download