What is Avast?

Avast program is one of the most important protection programs from hacks and viruses in the world, as the avast program has taken on more than 400 million people so far, and this is evidence
The strength of this program in protecting devices and the extent of customer confidence in this distinctive program, where the Avast program is distinguished by its fiery jada, where it works in a layered manner. Each layer blocks many
Of the kinds of viruses and the hacks, which makes the ironic merit that can never be penetrated

The most important features of the global protection program Avast

– Avast is considered one of the most famous protection programs in recent times, and the giant avast company constantly updates the Avast program, which makes the Avast program the first in the world from the point of view of many of its customers
– Avast program performs a complete scan of your device and blocks any malicious program or viruses and cleans this file from viruses, and if it is not able to do that, it scans the entire file
– Avast program does not allow any file, game or program to run with any suspicion that it contains viruses or malicious programs, so it blocks them until they are examined and cleaned, if possible, or deleted.
– Avast program performs a complete scan of the Wi-Fi network and blocks any file or device that may have any suspicion that it is viruses or malware
– Avast also protects e-mail and deletes any dangerous messages or any hacking program or viruses.
– Avast protection program supports all devices, whether Windows, Mac or Android
– Avast also protects the local Internet from a malicious program or viruses and deletes the corrupted file immediately
– We will not list all the features of the Avast protection program due to the abundance of these features, but when you download the program and start to check, you will notice the big difference on your device in terms of speed and safety.