What is true caller premium

True Caller Premium program is very cool and irreplaceable as it helps you personally, a free program for mobile phones that announces the caller and blocks unwanted calls and also records chat calls, voice and flash messages and with true caller premium program you can save 200 contacts plus To high sound quality and volume control, True Caller Premium is the only program in the world that makes your connection secure in order for True Caller Premium to work. Wi-Fi, 3D network is required.

Features of True Caller Premium

– true caller premium software identifies unknown callers and blocks unwanted calls
– You can search for any number or name
With True Caller Premium, you can see the names and photos of people who call you with your known and unknown contacts
– You can make calls through the program and chat for free with friends and family
True Caller Premium, the best caller id in the world, will determine who is calling you
– The program does not download your phone history to make it public or searchable
You can see who viewed your profile
– You can record calls and save them on the phone
– The new version of the true caller premium program increases the advantages of the program, as it displays your personal year about the number of calls, the number of blocking, the ability to know who the reason for the call is, and you can also archive the conversations