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gimp program free download

gimp program free download

The gimp program is an image-editing program with some effects on it, and it is one of the most important photo editors at the present time. The gimp program is often compared to Photoshop, but this is incorrect. A small program that is easy to handle and does not take a large amount of hard disk or memory, and therefore it is preferred by many who are interested in editing images, it is a very light program that can modify and merge many images at once, as it has special tools to remove any frills of pictures easily without bothering as well as the effects The unique beauty that resides in gimp

One of the most important features of the gimp photo editing program

A very light program that you can open more than one image at the same time because it depends on determining a specific space on the hard drive
Supports all types of operating systems such as Linux, Macintosh and Windows
You can change the image extension using gimp easily without any trouble
It contains a very distinctive set of coloring tools that give any image a beautiful advantage
The gimp program is a completely free image editing program, so there is no need to spend large sums until you modify any image
Download the gimp program for free, as it is a program that you will know all its advantages when you start working on it and start photographing images and putting effects on them so that they produce a masterpiece and not an ordinary picture


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