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IrfanView program free download

  • IrfanView program free download

    IrfanView is one of the most important image editing programs due to the ease of work on it, also IrfanView is a very small program that does not compare at all with other image editing programs, but all you need to modify and put effects and change colors and various high-resolution filters to modify images will be found in this wonderful program There are several important advantages of IrfanView

    The most important features of IrfanView image editing program

    IrfanView is one of the lightest programs that are used to edit images
    – With IrfanView, you can easily add a watermark to the images so that you can make these images your own pictures that are completely difficult to steal, such as placing your logo image on the images used on your site
    – You do not need a scanner while using IrfanView, as you can through it to make a full scan of images
    IrfanView is characterized by the ease of adding additional components to the program, allowing you to output high-quality images
    – With IrfanView, you can create images and combine them to create complete panoramic images using the simple tools inside the program
    – Download IrfanView now and start editing the images you want without effort and without heavy loading on your device



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