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Gom Player free download

  • Gom Player free download

    The wonderful Gom Player program that plays movies without the need to download codes, it can play dvd movies, real player files, 3gp files, Windows Media extensions, and all popular video extensions. It can play it without any trouble or the need to download Kodak or specific codes

    Gom Player also has a lot of features, the most important of which is

    – Translate untranslated movies and clips, and the wonderful program Gom Player can create lists of your favorite movies and choose them easily and easily

    Gom Player has the ability to capture images from video clips and keep them

    To use whenever you want it
    Gom Player can decode encrypted channels by being able to access the servers and update the program

    And he broke most of the encrypted channels globally, so many fans of watching encrypted channels prefer, especially fans of international football matches.
    Gom Player can play radio channels and can hear all frequencies at a high volume and is characterized by high purity of sound and high reception of short radio signal
    – Gom Player is free and does not require you to activate, that is, when you download the program, as if you got a copy for life
    – Download Gom Player now and enjoy all its distinctive features such as picture, sound, and full video control while exposed



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