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Glary Utilities free download

  • Glary Utilities free download

    The genius maintenance program Glary Utilities, which is considered one of the very important programs in the field of maintenance for Windows, where the program is based
    Glary Utilities creates a package of data and files with the copy of Windows, which leads to an increase in the speed of Windows work, and a program that records the registry and memory files, which helps in increasing the speed as well, and the Glary Utilities program removes all unused files in the operating system resulting from the installation of programs that take into account Lots of hard disk space
    Glary Utilities speeds up the entry of Windows as a result of removing all programs running on the Windows system until Windows is running

    One of the most important features of the well-known maintenance program is Glary Utilities

    Glary Utilities is very light, at only 17MB, and is very light on the device
    It removes all files that are not used in the operating system and are invisible, which take up a large space on the hard disk without any benefit
    Glary Utilities helps speed up Windows due to the work of arranging and organizing files for Windows
    Glary Utilities does not need to be installed to run and thus does not take up memory
    It scans all junk files from memory, which contributes to quick command response
    Goodbye to slow Windows and changing the Windows version due to its slowness. Now you can download Glary Utilities for free and take advantage of all its features



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