What do not know about Windows Live Photo Gallery

Windows Live Photo Gallery is a simple, high-quality photo editor released from Microsoft. It is one of the best photo enhancement programs. Through the Windows Live Photo Gallery program, you can work on dozens of pictures at one time. When you install the program on your computer, the pictures will be displayed automatically and you can Easily search for your photos, if you have modern windows on your computer, the free windows live photo gallery program is downloaded and installed automatically without any effort and with utmost ease, it is considered one of the most important programs that can not be dispensed with on your computer

The most important feature of Windows Live Photo Gallery

The possibility of correcting errors, adjusting colors, and improving your photos, so Windows Live Photo Gallery is considered one of the best photo editors in the world, and it is a completely free program
– One of the most effective programs in organizing pictures by adding titles and data tags dedicated to each image
– Windows Live Photo Gallery includes support for the xmp data standard to allow you to classify your photos more efficiently
– Windows Live Photo Gallery allows you to quickly resize, crop, and adjust shadows and colors
It is one of the most popular photo organizer programs in the world
– You can save the modified images as a copy and keep the original image for use whenever you want
You can use Windows Live Photo Gallery on Windows 32 or Windows 64